Logic Systems

In this project, Olmo invites artists to collaborate into a series of generative systems for image and sound design. The series starts with Vectures, an artificial “living” system of random walkers aimed to experiment with the deegres of automatization of audio-visual production. Vectures was made with the significant help of Dario Segura.
QVS is the formalization of an audio-visual system based on granular synthesys. It was inspired by basic and rather poetic ideas of complex geometry. This project was made in collaboration with Ernesto Romero.
After MIU is a graphic generator based on the miu system proposed by Douglas Hofstadter. Miu was created as a collaboration with Héctor Gómez. Finally, SellFish is the result of a 30 day Hackpact in which Olmo U. Aguirre programmed graphic ideas in 10 minute sessions of LiveCoding with OF_LiveCoding app.
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